3 comments on “Lent. The Time Of Year Where Everyone (who believes in God) Gives Something Up, Including This Blogger. Yes, I’m Talking About Me

  1. Hot damn was that was just an all around retarded post. Apologizes for the language I am about to use, I do not have a dense knowledge of the English language and I mostly use “fuck” to describe things. Full disclaimer – I am an Atheist, and possibly a genius, but defiantly a hard body. But come on man. (I hope you read that in Chris Berman’s fat annoying voice and then immediately hate yourself for it) Ok first of all, fuck off, “Even the jews and atheists like to talk about how their one friend who gave up TV for Lent and how stupid that was.” is just fucking wrong. As an american atheist (or if you prefer, AA) we (I speak for all of the AA) don’t give two shits for lent and whatever holiday (Easter?) it is celebrating. We do not want to talk about our idiot friends who gave up anything nor do we care if they gave something up or not. Unless you’re going to give up being a total fucking twat then I’m not interested. Just like I don’t give a shit about your diet. It simply is an annoying tradition that gets in the way of doing enjoyable things.

    And you wish tomorrow was lent so you can give up drinking? Okay virgin that sounds like a great idea. Yeah every day you wish you could use some retarded bullshit excuse to give something up so you don’t have to deal with the ramifications (bar tab, hangover, fucking a fatty)?? If you don’t like doing it how about you flick your bean stop being a hairy pussy (demi moore bush style) and just don’t fucking drink. Oh wait that’s right, you’re a pussy, so you need a bullshit excuse so your friends won’t make fun of you. Fuckin’ wanker.

    Lastly, you’re giving up using credit cards and opting for just making it rain with cash? That may be possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. First of all, from what I comprehend from this retarded tradition, it symbolizes the 40 days that Jesus (hey-zues) went into the wilderness to fast and pray and was tempted by the devil. You aren’t giving him a present, you are fasting and resisting temptation from the devil. (Am I completely making this up?) Therefore you should give up something bad right? But no, I’m going to give up using fucking credit cards, because that will make me the next Oprah Fucking Winfrey. You know what, for lent I am going to give up wearing brown dress shoes, I’m going go straight black for the next 40 days, yeah, I really think the big man upstairs (if thats what you believe) will be thrilled with this display of resisting temptation. Easy ticket to Heaven, Jesus hates brown dress shoes.

    For the record I am simply trying to insult you and I am in no way trying to insult your religious beliefs.

    Much love,

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